Duc Phan, CEO

Hai Duc group

HaiDuc group

Moving forward together

HaiDuc Group is mostly a collection of companies. A large part of which was found by Mr. Son Phan, our chairman, in the early 90s. The current companies are a bit more technologically attuned and much larger in scale but it was all due to the foundation of hard-work and integrity that is our company culture.

Since assuming CEO's responsibilities in 2011, I have emphasized on creating an atmosphere full of creativity, independence and passion; which has helped us to attract the best talents in every industry we have entered and become so profitable over the years.

All the companies in our group are operating well today, but I think there is always room to grow as long as we focus on the extraordinary opportunities our robust economy is creating in Vietnam.

We have and will always strive to do more, and to do important and meaningful things with the resources we have.


Duc Phan